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Carbon Traction Leg Splint
Solve all your leg traction splint needs with one compact, powerful, reliable device...

The FareTec CT-EMS Carbon Traction Leg Splint is the lightest and strongest available to EMS personnel, and features a 4:1 traction pulley system that allows for easy low-friction micro-adjustments, making traction application and immobilization more precise for patients of all sizes. The integral reflective strap system is ready to go once taken out of the bag, with no loose straps. Made of lightweight carbon tubing for a total weight of 1 pound.

Using the latest in Carbon Technology, the FareTec CT Leg Splint is the lightest and strongest splint available to EMS personnel.
The FareTec CT-EMS Traction Splint offers corrosion resistance, temperature stability, superior yield strength and a superior strength-to-weight ratio. The CT-EMS is manufactured in reflective orange for optimal visibility. This splint weighs less than the competition, yet is stronger and more impact resistant.

Kit includes:

  • Carry case
  • leg straps,
  • Ischial strap,
  • modular carbon tubes,
  • 4:1 adjusting mechanism,
  • and complete instructions.

High Tensile Carbon Tubes-Strong and Stiff.

  • 4:1 pulley traction system allows user to pull an adequate yet a precise amount of traction
  • Rugged design and construction allow field application under any conditions
  • Constructed of high-quality, high-strength materials including carbon fiber technology which produces a strong and light splint that will not stick to gloved hands in cold weather
  • Leg straps are pre-attached to the device to aid in rapid application
  • Entire Splint, and ankle hitch, are designed to fit Adult through Pediatric Patients
  • Lightweight compact design makes storage easy
  • Integral Reflective Strap System; comes out of the bag ready to go, no loose straps
  • Requires minimal patient movement with no Perineal nerve impingement
  • Tested extensively in the field by numerous organizations through numerous areas of the world
  • Storage Bag Color: Blue
  • Full Kit Weight Is One Pound

Modern construction techniques produce a splint that is lighter than the competition while at the same time being stronger and more impact resistant.



Wider Ischial Strap for increased patient comfort:
  • Ankle hitch designed for all sizes of patients; toddlers to ski boots
  • Integral Reflective Strap System; no loose parts
  • No Perineal Nerve Impingement; using superior exterior splinting.
  • Minimal patient movement; Application is quick and easy
The CT-6 features a 4:1 Adjusting System produces more power than the a standard strap system. It also allows for a micro adjustment to generate a precise amount of traction. The easy locking system means that subsequent adjustment during transport is easy to apply. It also employs a new swivel unit for increased strength and minimal unit extrusion:
  • 4:1 Pulley Traction System
  • Easy Micro Adjustment
  • Provides ample traction on the largest of patients

  • Weight: 500 grams (1.1 lbs)
  • Splint folded dimensions: 25.4cm 76.2cm
  • Small bag dimensions: 27 x 8 x 8 cm. (10.6" x 3.1" x 3.1")
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Qty. Item# Description Color M.S.R.P List Price
18554 FARETEC CT-EMS Traction Splint Black/Orange $184.00 $150.00


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