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D3A Glove System
U.S. Military GP and Cold Weather Gloves

If you or your parents were ever in the military, these should be familiar...

Well, what's there to say about "standard issue" military gloves? They are reliable. And apart from people who have ties to the military, most don't know that these are part of a "hand protection system"...

The "D3A" glove system comes in two components that, when combined, offer a modular system in which hands are protected and kept warm. Take it a step further and treat your leather glove shells with Mink Oil or SNO-SEAL products and your shells become waterproof further enhancing the protective qualities of the system.

This simple and effective design is held on by simple tension strap on the wrists which make it is easy for rapid donning and removal. A favorites of many military, SAR, law enforcement operators. Wear them alone or as part of the system.

Available in sizes 2-7

Mid Layer

Wool is a natural fiber that's not at all itchy like that bumpy sweater your grandma knit you. When it comes to an active lifestyle, it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The wool naturally wicks away moisture. Plus, it can be washed and won't shrink. The downfall? It's a little more expensive than "polypro."

  • Fits inside D3A Leather Gloves
  • Made in the USA

Other Wool liners available include the USMC Manzella liner (USMC TS-40 Gloves)

Base Layer

Polypropylene is a quick drying polyester fiber that wicks moisture away from the body. The fabric was engineered to do the wicking, since we all know regular polyester just makes you sweat. The downfall? The fabric retains odor, so even though you wash it, it can still smell a little stinky.

  • 100% stretch polypropylene
  • one size fits all
  • made in the U.S.A.
The Standard System

The "Old Standby". Buy the system as it was issued to our troops; the D3A Glove Shells and Wool Glove liners.  Great for moderate temperatures.

The Enhanced System

An upgrade to the standard; Polypro Glove Liners are closer fitting and have just that "little bit" of additional dexterity when it comes to fine motor skills. A little warmer

The Complete System

What we've found was that a pair of polypro glove liners worn inside of wool liners, in turn worn inside of a leather of a (waterproofed) leather shell is a successful combination. The wool gloves and shells should fit easily over the liners so that they may be doffed and donned easily and frequently without issue, so size them appropriately. The shells have a draw strap near the wrist and will hold themselves on and keep snow or other debris out when necessary. The liners alone will allow for all but the finest work with surprising comfort for their thickness.

Order Form Information  
Qty. Item# Description Color Shell Size M.S.R.P Our Price
RC 3383 D3A Glove Shells


$19.00 $17.50
RC 8418 Wool Glove Liners

$6.50 $5.50
RC 8413 Polypropylene Glove Liners

N/A $7.00 $6.50
RC SGS Standard Glove System

$25.50 $23.00
RC EGS Enhanced Glove System

$25.00 $24.00
RC CGS Complete Glove System Wool
$32.50 $29.50


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